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Russian women have been a mystery for their counterparts all over the world. They have exquisite beauty and strength. Their respect for culture and tradition is enviable. The devotion they have for their family and children distinguishes them and makes them most preferred by men from all continents. With all the qualities that Russian women possess, it is widely believed that they have some hidden secrets. Therefore, the scope of this article is to expose the Russian women secrets about their matchless great boy, fashion, and glamorous look.

1. Beauty and Makeup Secrets

a. Egg Mask

Talking about the treatment of the face and hair, Russian women believe in going natural. Their preferred treatment is egg mask for the hair and face.

The application of egg mask on the face starts with washing the face with hot water and dry with a clean towel. Break the egg and separate the yolk because it is the albumen or egg white that you need. Add a tablespoon of milk to the egg white and apply it on the face. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes, after which you wash with cold water.

To apply the egg mask on the hair, use the egg yolk you separated. Add a cup of olive oil and mix honey with the mixture. Mix them very well and apply on your hair. Leave the hair for an hour before you rinse the hair with regular shampoo.

b. Face Slapping

This method involves briefly slapping the neck, cheek, and forehead to moisten the face. This method is used to boost the production of collagen temporarily. It will make the pores close and firm the face. It can be done anytime but morning and evening are preferable.

c. Ice Massage

Russian women place ice on their faces to close the open pores and tighten their skin. They massage the face with the ice about three times a week.

d. Tinkle Razors

The Russian women use tinkle razors to remove facial hair and dead skin cells clogging the skin pores. This method is called dermaplaning to exfoliate the skin to make it fresh.

The tinkle razors will rid the face of facial hair and dead skin and make the face look beautiful.

2. The Hair Secrets

a. Hair Extensions

Russian women love to experiment with their hair for a different look. They use hair extensions a lot to try different hair styles. They sometimes clip their hair and have it sewed together to wear it on a particular outfit.

3. Fitness and Diet Secrets

a. Hydration

Russian women keep their body system well hydrated believing that it will lead to active living. In addition to drinking plain water, you can add few slices of lime, mint leaves, slices of cucumber or ice cubes for a refreshing taste. The drinks will make you feel healthy and relaxed.

b. Food

Russians mind the type of food they eat to remain healthy and fit. One of the most popular foods they cook is buckwheat. It is one of the world’s healthiest food. With a composition of eight essential amino acids and proteins, Russians eats it religiously to rejuvenate their skin and for its cleansing properties.

c. Massaging

Russian women practice massages at home with regular body oil to heal and rejuvenate damaged muscles. They do this regularly to make their muscles well-toned.

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