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(Are all Russian women scammers?)

While Russian women cannot be entirely exonerated from scams, the bulk of these scams originated from non-Russians. Why would anyone dare to drag their country’s name in the mud? Thinking critically about scam issues, Russian women would not wish to perpetrate scams baring their nationality; they sure know that it would hurt their country’s image and hurt their pride as Russian women. Meanwhile, the greater part of scams that happened in Russian women’s names were discovered to have been perpetrated from several countries apart from Russia by non-Russians.

What could be the factors behind the scams? It is widely known that Russian women are hot in demand by men from all over the world for dating and marriage purposes. Russian ladies are sought after for their matchless beauty and their commitment to family values. Therefore, the scammers disguise as Russian girls or women to deceive innocent and unsuspecting men who are looking forward to dating and marrying Russian women.

These scams have been studied to have a pattern. A scammer usually starts the hunt by getting a set of pictures of a beautiful lady of 18-45 years old and creates a profile in as many dating sites as possible and posts ads. Scammers usually seek new potential victims by contacting them on online dating sites. Since a large number of scams had Russia as their country in their profiles, Russia has been banned from several online sites. These scammers now have countries like the USA, Canada, or Europe as their countries except when they are on Russian dating sites that they can claim to be from Russia.

Several victims report that they were sent the first email by the scammer out of the blue, without belonging to any dating sites. Scammers make use of the social media and other classified ads platforms to find their potential victims. So, if you received an email out of nowhere from a Russian lady, beware, it may be the scammers at work.

After a line of communication has been established between the scammers and their potential victims, the scammers will use a standard set of pre-written romantic letters to correspond with their victims. Meanwhile, scammers always ignore questions posted to them or answer vaguely.

What is common to all scams is that the scammers ask money for one or more of the following:

1. passport, visa, and ticket

2. travel insurance

3. financial solvency money i.e. travel money

4. money to settle a loan or mortgage

5. emergency medical expenses for her or her parents (illness, accident, or death of a family member), etc.

The scammers will be sending seductive pictures and emotional or romantic messages to their victims until the victims have been drained financially.

To a large extent, Russian women are honest; but there are some of them who are black sheep. Except for that small number, Russian women are real and do not perpetrate scams. All Russian women are not scammers; in fact, they are sincere, trustworthy, and ready for serious dating or russian marriage.

However, if you are dealing with either Russian women or not, ensure not to send money to the woman under any circumstances until you have met and reached certain decisions. If she dares to ask for money, there is a high tendency that she is a scammer; therefore, beware.

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