The best ways how to impress Russian girl

impress Russian girl

"The knights have died out," – in such a way a lot of women complain all over the world, mourning the past times. But to tell the truth, they did not die out - they just evolved. Men do not dress, do not work and do not talk like they did 500 years ago - so why in this case should they ride horses and fight? Today, in the age of high technology and the rapid pace of life, chivalry manifests itself in other deeds. At first glance, it may seem trivial, but only little things that matter. That’s why at our website we would like to tell about the main things that will help answer the question “How to impress Russian girl?”. And the most importantly, it will not require you a lot of efforts.

  1. Offer her seat on trains/buses. All of us go by public transport, and often men do not want to offer the seat to the lady. But it's worth to do. If the bus is not packed full, and you see how a woman is entering the bus, just stand up when she comes close, and offer her to sit down with a barely noticeable gesture and light smile. The whole moment will be destroyed if you will demand from the lady to sit on your place. In that case, she will feel uncomfortable, and there will be no sense of any chivalry.
  2. Choose a dish for her in a restaurant. Often during a date, happens that: the evening depends on what the woman eats while the date. It is not always appropriate to order for your companion, but sometimes the situation does require it from you. For example, if you go to an exotic restaurant, and only you is familiar with the kitchen. Take the situation into your own hands! Another example is if you do not meet for the first time and you know about her preferences. But even then be ready for the unexpected, and if you have not guessed right, be in a position to warn the waiter that you would like to change the order.
  3. Offer her help in physical work. When it comes to modern women, it is difficult to predict their reaction to offering help in cases where physical strength is needed. If she is carrying something and looks tense, do not lose the opportunity and offer her your help. At first you may say: "It would be easier / faster if we do it together" or something like that. Of course, everything inside you will be shouting: "Yes, let me bring it to myself!" - but it can be suggested a minute later.
  4. Get up when she leaves the table or sits down. It's a very old-fashioned form of politeness, and if you mess up something, then your girlfriend will be very uncomfortable. You do not have to get up just because a woman approaches the table. If you are in a restaurant, and she needs to use the toilet, it is not needed to attract attention to this. It is appropriate to get up when you need to greet a lady or say goodbye to her. If you get up for this, you'll show that she is important to you, no matter how short your conversation is.
  5. Hold the door. We understand that you know how to hold the door, and that a woman can, in fact, do it herself. But that it's a gesture of courtesy. Do not run 20 steps ahead and frantically open the doors and then stand and wait until your girlfriend finally comes up. If she is ahead of you, go to the door and help. And what to do with those one who follow your girlfriend? Actually, keep the door until the next men comes up and holds the door in front of them. Well, within reasonable limits, of course. To be a knight is to be courteous to everyone, not just to your girlfriend.
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  7. Introduce her to your friends and family properly. Unfortunately many people have problems with this. We all want to make a pleasant first impression, and the best way to help your friend in this is to follow the rules of etiquette. As a rule, people who are younger (or less significant) are introduced to older people (or more significant) - for example, you introduce her to your dad, but not vice versa. First, introduce her to a group of friends, and then each of his friends to your lady. Nowadays to be a knight means to smooth awkward moments for your lady as much as possible. For this, etiquette was created.

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